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"Joy" Collection

Hummingbird teaches us about sharing joy and beauty that flow from our hearts with other people and about giving others the best of what we have inside. It is a symbol of joy, which has become an inspiration to create this unique collection of candles.

In Maya and Aztek cultures, a hummingbird symbolizes Sun and love. It has the power to open people’s hearts. Mayas believe that it is a light-carrying messenger, reminding us about the happiness and beauty of life.

First of all, specially crafted ceramic pots are designed in one of Warsaw’s finest workshops. Then they are infused with soy wax and natural essential oils.

When you are around them, they fill your space with the vibe of beauty, light, joy and love. They carry the beauty of every moment… for you.

They are absolutely unique and one-of-a-kind. Their build is not identical to each other just like the uniqueness of the hummingbirds, that are filled with joy. They are connected by the pure intention that accompanies their creation.

JOY candle in handmade ceramics
Koliber to symbol radości, który stał się inspiracją do stworzenia tej wyjątkowej kolekcji. Kiedy obcujesz z tymi oryginalnymi świecami, napełniają przestrzeń wibracją piękna, światła, radości i miłości.
Specjalnie zaprojektowane ceramiczne naczynka JOY, tworzone i wypalane, w jednej z warszawskich pracowni ceramiki. Inspirowane naturą. Wypełnione naturalnym woskiem sojowym i drewnianym, skwierczącym knotem, którego dźwięk wprowadza nas w ...


Light of Hummingbird candles fill your space
with the vibe of beauty, light, joy and love.
They carry the beauty of every moment
for you.


Candles made of natural wax do not emit carcinogens or other harmful pollutants into the air during combustion. Made of cotton, unbleached wicks. Flavored only with natural essential oils with therapeutic value. Suitable for vegans.

durable and safe to use

Natural waxes burn longer than popular paraffin candles. Thanks to this, you will enjoy your candle 2.5 times longer than in the case of paraffin equivalents. You can easily remove spilled wax with warm water and detergent. There is a small risk of burns because the wax does not get very hot.


Designed with passion and made with love, entirely by hand, in a small workshop. Thanks to this, each candle has its own "soul" and is vibrated with positive energy so that it can serve YOU in the best possible way.

safe for the environment

Natural waxes are non-toxic, fully plant-based, free from pesticides and GMOs, and come from organic farming. 100% biodegradable. Not tested on animals. Used candle containers can be reused without producing unnecessary waste.
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