Candles that are created in my workshop are inspired by nature
and the wisdom of indigenous cultures:the patterns, the colors, the textures and the materials…

All this makes them extraordinary and absolutely unique.
I make each candle by hand and fill it with positive energy, so that it can serve YOU in the best possible way.

My journey

A few years ago, when I was embarking on a long journey to Guatemala to explore the wisdom of indigenous Maya from Tz’utujil tribe, I had no idea how deeply this expedition will impact my whole life.

One day, my friend who has been studying Maya culture for years looked at me and said “You should make candles”. I looked at him with a big question mark in my eyes, and all I could think was “Me? What on Earth is he talking about?”.

Well – life has unfolded exactly how he foretold. Although at that time it seemed utterly unbelievable, a year later I’ve suddenly felt the urge to create my very first candle and this is how this amazing journey began.

Thanks to my trip to Guatemala, the Mayan calendar has settled in my everyday life for good. Since I began to explore the meaning of my Mayan birth energy, I’ve been able to understand the words of my friend better and to discover a potential in myself that I wasn’t aware of before.

My birth sign in the Mayan horoscope - Toj - symbolizes a candle flame…

Now I understand that this was meant for me.

As the time passed, childhood memories began to emerge: me as a little girl who loved to dip her fingertips in warm paraffin during family gatherings. Soon it turned out that doing this still brings me enormous pleasure.

This innocent childhood play blossomed into passion that I am now sharing with you.

Our candles are perfect companions for your meditation and everyday self-care rituals.
They will fill your home sanctuary with smooth light
and bring you harmony and inner peace.

Light of Hummingbird - the beauty of every moment…

Candles that I make are inspired by my travels to the lands of Maya peoples and Quechua Indians inhabiting South America. Beautiful hummingbirds that I have met there brought me an inspiration to create this unique brand: Light of Hummingbird.

In Maya and Aztek cultures, a hummingbird symbolizes Sun and love. It has the power to open people’s hearts. Mayans believe that it is a light-carrying messenger, reminding us about the happiness and beauty of life.

Hummingbird teaches us about sharing joy and beauty that flow from our hearts with other people and about giving others the best of what we have inside.

I pour this very intention into each one of the candles that I make by hand in Light of Hummingbird.

When you are around them, they fill your space with the vibe of beauty, light, joy and love. They carry the beauty of every moment… for you. All of this makes the candles so unique and one-of-a-kind. There are no two identical candles, just as there are no two identical hummingbirds. They are all connected by the pure intention that accompanies their creation.

Light of Hummingbird candles fill your space with the vibe of beauty, light, joy and love.
They carry the beauty of every momentfor you.

Little big gestures

Hummingbirds are beautiful, unique creatures. They inspire us to protect the environment and to respect centuries-old traditions whose survival is now endangered. They remind us about the wisdom of indigenous peoples of the Americas and the essentiality of protecting it and keeping it for future generations.

Through my products, I aim to take part in keeping the harmony in the world of humans, plants, animals and stones.

All candles are made with ecological wax and natural essential oils.

I reduce the amount of harmful waste to minimise adverse impact on the environment.

These seemingly small gestures mean a lot on our way to improve the state of nature. Even the tiniest actions count.

By choosing candles from Light of Hummingbird,
you are doing good to our planet, too.

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