Mystical Hummingbird - what does it symbolize and what message does it carry for us?

"Small, shimmering with colors, my existence is delicate, and yet it penetrates deep into your heart to teach you how to cultivate your strength, how to bathe in the eternal Source, how to cross higher thresholds, how to complete your splendour, power and magnificence. Learn to raise the level of vibrations and harmonize your world. Take inside yourself the glow of the jewels of the sky, cling to the stars' position. You bring new knowledge, the knowledge of your time, prepare well for this, take it to the world, let it shine on your face. Don't worry! Courage! We, the messengers of tomorrow, advise you, feel the joy - the gift of the Light, see the colorful variety."


Hummingbirds are found throughout the American continent. They are tiny and belong to the group of the most noteworthy birds. Their special feature is very colorful, metallic plumage, which takes on different intensity depending on the angle of incidence of light. In the light, they sparkle like precious stones in various colors.

Their unusual flight technique (their wings trace a horizontal figure eight) enables them to suck nectar from hanging flowers. They can fly 800 kilometers in one go.

When hummingbirds disappear from an area, it means disharmony and imbalance in Nature.




The hummingbird can be found in Mayan and Aztec mythology. There, it was considered a symbol of the Sun, heart, love and magic. He is seen as a messenger of the future, new achievements and highly developed, specialized techniques.

According to an old Mayan legend, hummingbirds belonged to the era of the cultural future of the Fifth World, of which they are the messenger, bringing light.




The arriving hummingbird brings joy and balance. It opens your eyes to the beauty, fullness and splendour of Creation. It teaches you to give the best of what you can give. It teaches you to hold on to your dreams of a beautiful planet and contribute to them so that a golden age can come. It conveys the knowledge that what is contained in the smallest things can sometimes be great, and a lot of good things grow out of small, simple every day, heartfelt activities.

The hummingbird is the messenger of the heart and carries the message for us that life is joy, harmony, beauty and diversity.

The horizontal figure eight, which he draws with his wings in flight, symbolizes the radiation of spiritual light to the Earth and indicates the perfection of man.

The hummingbird connects us to other worlds and stellar knowledge. It is considered lucky. The hummingbird amulet opens to divine love and the energy of the new time.

If a hummingbird appears in your dreams, it reminds you of the unique radiance of your soul and inner harmony.


Based on the book "The Power of Animals" - Jeanne Ruland

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